UV Curable Paint

UV Curable Wood Coating

UV Curable Paint

An advantage of UV cured coatings is that they are ready to use right out of the box. With UV technology, applications can be cured within minutes versus hours, days, or weeks for other coatings and additives. Result: increased production speed, more competitive cost-to-manufacturer ratio. Better performance, even equivalent or better chemical protection than polyurethanes, powders, and epoxies.

The coating is easy to apply. It can also be cleaned with a solvent such as acetone. In addition, it does not require any additional drying time. It is polymerizable, which means it can be used on many other materials besides uv cured varnish. Also, when the coating is applied in a simple straight line, it can create a very modern and clean look.

There are several types of UV coating paint available. The most common types are either aqueous or UV cured polymers, or aqueous/uv cured thin films. The most popular type of coating paint that has been used for years is the aqueous-based coating paint.

UV curing coating wood paint

UV curing coating wood paint

Aqueous-based uv cured paint is used for most exterior applications and looks very good. It is available in a variety of thicknesses and textures. This paint has excellent water resistance and resistivity to oil and grease. Aqueous uv cured paint is easy to apply. It is also long lasting and durable.

On the other hand, uv curing thin films are available in various applications including glazing and siding. These films are uv cured using an ultraviolet curing process. There are a wide range of glazes available for use with these cured paints. Some of the glazes that have proven to be very useful to include the Rustoleum Black Ice, Rustoleum Minwax, Behr’s Diamond Coat, and Quikrete.

Curtain coating paints provide a clean and low maintenance finish. These paints also provide a unique and rich texture and color. Curtain coating is odorless uv cured products are also available. This is odorless products can be used for exterior and interior applications.

A special type of uv cured textile coating is uv curable textile coating. This is made up of an electro-static charge and one or more ultraviolet (UV) dye particles. This coating provides excellent chemical, physical, and phototoxic properties. It is available as a roll-to-roll and roll-to-stick process. It has good water resistance and chemical resistance.

The example 1 coating in the left panel shows how a single photoinitiator184 photo progresses from an unattractive opaque coating on the positive (A) side of an ordinary photographic paper. The UV dye (B) in the photoinitiator 184 changes colors and forms an invisible barrier between the two media. This photoinitiator 184 is then passed through a vacuum chamber. The chamber allows the dye to enter into the chamber and forms the final opaque layer on the positive (A) side of the printing paper.

In the example 2, the uv cure coating is applied with a brush to the surface to be printed. The UV cured ink forms a thin layer of uv resistant resin in the desired location. The UV curable material does not change in color, gloss, matte finish, nor is there any color fade. As the application progresses the resin gradually moves towards the clear coat (C). As the process goes on the print increases in size until it fills the entire image.