5 Types of Coatings and What to Look For in a Coating Factory

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Coating Factory

If you’re looking for a coating factory, you’ve come to the right place. There are a number of different types of coatings available, from liquid to powder-based materials. Coatings come in a wide variety of colors and can be used to protect a variety of different types of materials. Below, we’ve outlined some of the top types of coatings, and why each is important. We also talk about some of the best practices to look for when choosing a coating factory.


If you are looking for a coatings manufacturer, look no further than the PPG Coating Factory. It is a company whose research and development experts have made significant contributions in virtually every industry. From civil infrastructure to petrochemicals to power and offshore applications, PPG has developed and manufactured high-quality products for the construction and industrial sectors. Today, PPG has a comprehensive global portfolio, including pavement markings, safety and traffic technologies, as well as other specialized coatings.

The company recently announced that it is expanding its coatings production capabilities in Europe, particularly for packaging applications. The company is investing in new sites in the Netherlands and Poland, aiming to meet the increasing customer demand in these regions. PPG already provides coatings for aluminum, steel, and beverage cans. The expansion of its packaging offerings includes coatings for personal care items. It also expanded its research and development facility. The expanded production facility also represents PPG’s European packaging center of excellence.

The company’s performance under Dempsey has improved steadily over the past few years. Sales increased by 10 percent in 1994, and profits nearly doubled in 1995. Dempsey’s focus on expanding PPG’s customer base, including finding new niche markets, has paid off in the form of higher profitability. PPG acquired the automotive coatings business of ICI Canada in June 1991. In the following years, the company expanded its business in several areas, including the biomedical market.


With an array of coatings, including metal and architectural finishes, Linetec provides a full range of restoration and repair services. Linetec works with a variety of material types, including solvent-based and water-based air-dry coatings. All Linetec coatings are environmentally friendly and meet strict AAMA standards. In addition, Linetec is able to offer on-site repair services to suit the needs of a variety of clients.

Founded in 1987, Apogee Enterprises, Inc. is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company began as a small business with just one paint line and 20 employees. In its early years, the company focused on enamel, acrylic, and Kynar paint finishes. As the company grew, it began to expand its offerings. Today, Linetec serves customers across the country with a variety of finishes. In addition to the following products, Linetec is a member of the American Institute of Architects, the Association of Licensed Architects, the International Interior Design Association, the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, and the U.S. Green Building Council.

Linetec employs the latest equipment and techniques to achieve superior finishes. Color matching capabilities are one of Linetec’s strengths. In-house computerized blending enables Linetec to offer over five thousand unique colors. These colors ensure a uniform finish on all finished materials. Linetec’s anodizing offers unmatched hardness and durability for aluminum surfaces. As a result, Linetec paints are environmentally friendly and provide superior protection.


Alwan Coating Factory is a manufacturer of quality industrial coatings in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Its comprehensive product line is suitable for use on both metal and wooden surfaces. ISO 9001 and Qualicoat certifications have been awarded to Alwan, indicating its commitment to excellence. The company operates a state-of-the-art factory, with an onsite engineering department and a complete technical library. Customers value the quality of Alwan’s products and its commitment to quality.

The company began operations in Saudi Arabia in 1993 and manufactures a wide range of thermosetting powders under license from Oxyplast in Belgium. The company offers a full range of metallic and non-metallic finishes, including gold, silver, copper, and bronze. The company offers comprehensive technical support, as well as supervisory consultancy service. Its product portfolio is based on BS 6496 standards and complies with various certifications.


If you are in search of a Powder Coating Factory in Hanover, Pennsylvania, you have come to the right place. This manufacturer has been in business for nine years and specializes in a wide range of products. These include film laminations and aluminum foils, ranging from.000285 to.006 inches thick. Their customers include companies in the automotive, construction, and food and beverage industries. They are also dedicated to the fight against breast cancer.

J&E Manufacturing Company

Having industry-leading experience in metal finishing services, J&E Manufacturing Company offers custom metal fabrication and finishing services. With three state-of-the-art powder coating facilities, J&E provides its customers with quality pretreatment and metal finishing services. They handle prototypes, large-scale production assemblies, and everything in between. Their capabilities include laser cutting, turret punching, spotwelding, and powder coating.

EK uses a Gema system to ensure uniform coating thickness and finish. The company also uses Coral Chemical and TCI Powder Coatings to pre-treat parts and equipment before applying the coating. They manufacture parts and components for a variety of industries, including data centers, hospitals, and agriculture. And thanks to their in-house powder coating system, EK can produce high-quality products faster and more efficiently.

Hanover Powder Coating

The powder coating process is a combination of finely ground particles, pigment, and resin, which is then electrically charged and professionally sprayed onto the product. After application, the powder coating dries, cures, and is able to withstand all kinds of physical and weather conditions. It can be virtually any color. And the best part? Powder coating can be applied to virtually any surface, from concrete to plastic.

This method of metal finishing is the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to restore and increase the durability of a metal surface. It is a pollution-free and environmentally-friendly process that produces a high-quality, long-lasting, and cosmetically pleasing finished product. In addition, it is one of the most efficient finishing technologies in North America because of its zero-VOC emissions. Using this process, metal parts can be refinished with fewer coats than traditional painting methods.